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Welcome to NoCo Sod!

After graduating from Colorado State University in 1987 my first “real” job introduced me to the sod farming industry. I was young and eager to learn. I have grown sod from coast to coast, down south and up the eastern seaboard. After growing sod for everyone else I decided it was time to open my own sod farm.

In 1997 my wife and I opened Grassmasters Sod Farm on a family farm in Indiana. Just like any new business, we started out slow; building our customer base one job at a time. We have grown tremendously in 23 years. While we receive the most recognition from our work with our high-profile customers (NFL, MLS, Golf Courses, Colleges & Universities) we take pride in the relationships we have grown with our local landscapers, builders and homeowners.

We are excited about opening NoCo Sod and getting back to our Colorado roots. NoCo Sod offers the personalized service of a family farm with the most advanced sod harvesting and installation equipment available. This, combined with our commitment to excellence, provides our customers with the quality they expect and the service they deserve.

NoCo HGT Bluegrass is THE best!

Posted: June 4, 2021


HGT consistently out-performs all other bluegrasses in wear tolerance, disease resistance, and superior turf recovery.  If you are looking for a variety of bluegrass that has great wear tolerance and can be used for anything from a home lawn to a professional football field and anything and everything in between you can rest assured HGT Bluegrass is the right choice.